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Safety Razor + 100 Blades

Safety Razor + 100 Blades

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Zero Plastic.

Lasts a lifetime.

Your Morning Precision.

The high-quality safety razor made of chrome-plated brass ensures an extremely close wet shave and is particularly gentle on the skin thanks to a single blade. Regardless of whether you want to completely shave your beard or just want to shape your contours, with this safety razor you will achieve a particularly precise shave. 5 blades included.

Safety Razor

Everything you need to know

Product details

Why do I need a Safety Razor?
Safety razors are not only a much more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to disposable and system razors, but also deliver a much more thorough result thanks to the sharp and durable blades.
How do I use the Safety Razor?
Remove the head of the safety razor from the handle by turning it. Insert a new razor blade into the pre-made mold and screw the head back onto the handle.

Then you can start shaving:
1. Wash the shaving bottle with warm water and apply a shaving product of your choice. For example, we recommend a shaving cream or shaving oil.
2. Hold the safety razor at a 35 degree angle to the shaving surface and let the blade glide lightly over the skin without applying pressure.
3. After shaving, wash the shaving surface with cold water and use an aftershave product.

We recommend changing the blade after approx. 3 - 5 shaves.
What material is the Safety Razor made of?
The safety razor is made of chrome-plated brass and has a closed comb system for a gentle shave. The handle is made of a ground surface to give you full control while shaving.
What accessories are included?
To get you started right away, you'll also receive five double-edged razor blades with the safety razor. Made in Europe.


No Plastic - What does that mean?
The product itself contains no plastic and comes in packaging made from FSC-certified paper. This means the entire product is free of plastic.
How is the product shipped?
The product will be shipped to you in a CO2-neutrally via DHL.

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