Our mission

Honest men's grooming

When we started the Brooklyn Soap Company in 2012, natural care was still largely living in health food shops. A little eco. A bit "yay". More like something our mums bought. But times have changed. Awareness of natural care has become younger, more urban and yes - more masculine.

We are proud to be a part of this shift in consciousness. Inspired by handmade skincare products at Brooklyn's flea markets, today we develop honest skincare with natural ingredients especially for men. And for all men. For every skin type, every hair type, every beard type - and every day. Without microplastics, silicones or unnecessary bullshit.

Invented in Brooklyn, made in Germany and available exactly where you shop anyway: in drugstores and supermarkets online .

Viktor, Felix & Jonas — Founders of the Brooklyn Soap Company

Our philosophy

No bullshit

Let's be honest: nature already has everything we need. With rich formulas, high-quality care oils and natural ingredients, our products stand for high-quality skincare with maximum compatibility that specifically addresses the needs of men.

Formulations free from microplastics

Maximum tolerance

With natural ingredients

Natural ingredients from renewable raw materials.

For us, "zero" means no bullshit. We use natural ingredients from renewable raw materials for our products . For you and our environment, we also avoid mineral oils, microplastics and silicones. And even if it all started in Brooklyn: we produce the majority of our products in Germany.

Bottles made from glass or recycled PET

The fact is: without packaging, there would be no Brooklyn Soap Company. But we can already do a lot today to avoid causing unnecessary damage to our planet. If we don't use glass bottles, we use PET. The filling material and the information that we enclose in the dispatch boxes are all recyclable.

Climate-neutral shipping of our packages

When you order from our online shop, two things are particularly important to us: that your purchase arrives safely - and that the shipping leaves as "zero" a footprint as possible. Our parcels and packages travel climate-neutrally via DHL and GOGREEN . All the cardboard boxes used are recyclable. And if a product is ever returned, we certainly don't throw it away: we reuse or donate returns.

We run our own beekeeping

We are always happy when we can give something back to nature. Together with the Mensch Foundation, we operate four bee colonies and a 500 square meter bee pasture in order to establish sustainable beekeeping. Do you hear it?

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