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Discovery Set

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Anything but Mainstream.

Test all our fragrances in the Discovery Set.

Try Before You Buy.

Explore all of our men's fragrances in the Discovery Set and find out which of our fragrances suits you best - without any risk or time pressure! Put together your personal set of five or ten scents. Also included in our Discovery Set: A 10 EURO voucher that will be credited to you when you purchase a normal size fragrance.

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Discovery Set

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Everything you need to know


What scents does the Discovery Set consist of?

You can choose whether you want to try out our bestsellers in a tester set of 5 or 10 or personally put together 5 or 10 testers from our fragrance range. Find your personal favorite: Our range ranges from elegant, woody to tart-fruity scents. Each Discovery Set comes with a €10 voucher for the original size of the perfume.

Who is the perfumer?

Each of the scents was developed by Parisian perfumer Mark Buxton. With more than 25 years of experience creating high-quality fragrances, Mark is one of the best perfumers in the world.

How high is the percentage of perfume oil?

Our Eau de Parfums contain between 15-20% perfume oil and therefore last a long time on the skin.

How do the perfumes smell?

In our shop you will find all scents in full size with detailed scent descriptions.


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