Brooklyn Soap Enamel Mug

High quality enamel mug
  • 7C1C41DE-FAB7-4DB7-937A-21857AF86A69 Robust and durable
  • 7C1C41DE-FAB7-4DB7-937A-21857AF86A69 Perfect for indoors and outdoors
  • 7C1C41DE-FAB7-4DB7-937A-21857AF86A69 100% recyclable

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The Must-have for all Nature Boys.

Whether it's a picnic, a hike or in the office - with this mug you're perfectly equipped.

Ready for Adventure.

An absolute outdoor essential: whether camping, for coffee in the office or at home. Our Brooklyn Soap cup is not only ultralight, antibacterial and robust, but also damn stylish. It is also suitable for all types of stoves, camping stoves and open fires - so you are prepared for any adventure.

Brooklyn Soap Enamel Mug

Everything you need to know

Product details

Why should I use an enamel mug?
Enamel mugs are not only perfect for on the go due to their low weight, but are also extremely durable and robust. They are also aroma-neutral, easy to clean and antibacterial.
How do I use the mug?
Enamel is a very robust material. You can even use the mug on fire pits, on gas stoves or on gas, electric or induction stoves to heat drinks. Alternatively, you can of course simply enjoy a drink of your choice from the cup. It is best to clean the cup by hand after use.
What material is the cup made of and what dimensions does it have?
The mug is made of cast iron and is enamelled.
Diameter (cm): 9
Height (cm): 8
Width including handle (cm): 11
Volume (ml): 350
Is the mug dishwasher safe?
Yes, but we recommend that you wash the cup by hand so that it stays looking good for as long as possible.

Our story

Honest men's grooming

When we started the Brooklyn Soap Company in 2012, natural care was still largely living in health food shops. A little eco. A bit "yay". More like something our mums bought. But times have changed. Awareness of natural care has become younger, more urban and yes - more masculine.

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