Additional Attachments Brooklyn Blade

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4 attachments for longer beard styles.

  • 7C1C41DE-FAB7-4DB7-937A-21857AF86A69 4 different lengths
  • 7C1C41DE-FAB7-4DB7-937A-21857AF86A69 14, 16, 18 and 20mm

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Perfect for Longer Beards.

With our 4 additional attachments (14-20mm) you can get long beard styles perfectly shaped with your Brooklyn Blade.

Additional Attachments Brooklyn Blade

Everything you need to know

Product details

What lengths are the comb attachments?

This set consists of 4 attachments in lengths of 14, 16, 18 and 20 mm with which you can easily create longer beard looks.

How do I use the attachments?

01. Choose a comb attachment based on the desired length of your beard. The information on each comb attachment corresponds to the beard length in millimeters Tip: Start with a larger attachment to gain experience cutting with the Brooklyn Blade.

02. Place your desired comb attachment on the trimmer head and click it into place on the back of the device.

03. Turn on the Brooklyn Blade by pushing down the power button.

04.Hold the comb attachment close to the skin and trim as necessary against or with the direction of hair growth to achieve the ideal result for you.

05. Avoid clogging the comb attachment with too much hair. If a lot of hair has accumulated on the comb attachment, blow it away or remove it with the brush.

06. Remove and clean the comb attachment and device after each use.

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