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Hair and Body Kit

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Styles your hair and refreshes your body.

Volume: 20 Gram (Beard Balm) + 30ML (Beard Oil) + 250ML (Beardwash) - Base: N/A

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Hair and Body Kit

Deodorant, Natural Hair Wax & Body Wash

The Brooklyn Soap Hair and Body Kit turns all Dirty Dudes into Dapper Dans: The Kit includes Deodorant, natural Hair Wax and The Woods Bodywash. This all round kit by Brooklyn Soap Co. is especially suitable as a gift for your favorite peeps – or simply do yourself some good.
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  • Enduring Freshness for the whole Body
  • Provides a pleasant fragrance on your skin
  • Makes hair styling pretty easy
  • Backs you even on a stressful day
  • 100% natural. No animal testing. Made in Germany.

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