When the alarm goes off and you hit that snooze button for the third time; when your body fights for more sleep but your head keeps on telling you to get up; when you have that dreadful pit in your stomach and coffee is the only positive thought you have on your mind – then you know it’s Monday.

Mondays can be cruel – especially after an awesome weekend spent with your girl, mates or family. It’s the lifestyle shift from lazy weekends to busy weekdays that makes it so hard to adjust.

Here’s how you can make your Mondays suck less:

Get shit done on Friday

Don’t procrastinate – make sure to get all urgent tasks done by the end of the week. Get organized for the upcoming week: Check your calendar, create a to do list and schedule meetings – and you’re good to go on Monday.

Hit the Hay Early

Let me state the obvious, there is no other way to get around a good night sleep if you want to feel good the next day. So go to bed early on Sunday and make sure to get plenty of sleep – at least 7 hours.

Easy Monday

When scheduling your Monday, don’t go too hard on the first half of the day. Give yourself time to adjust. Read emails, newsletters, articles and blogs. Fuel your imagination and get inspired. After lunch you can schedule meetings and work on some bigger tasks.

Good Vibes Only

Start your day off with a positive mindset – don’t let a nasty mood get in your way. Not only will it make your motivation fade, it will also blur your judgement and negatively affect your productivity.

So when you wake up, put on some nice tunes, have a long shower and a hearty breakfast to kick start your day. Wear a hot new outfit you laid out the day before. It’s no secret that if you look good, you feel good!

Carpe Diem

You have another four days to stick to your fitness routine or your budget. Make this one day your cheat day and indulge.

Have a really nice lunch with your buddy coworkers – or book in lunch with a mate. Leave the salad for another day and go for that huge burger. Don’t sweat the third cup of coffee you’re about to buy! Just go for everything you want – without a guilty conscience.

It’s Time to Call it a Day

It’s the end of business day. Don’t go home just now. A few beers with your friends, gallery openings or buying a pair of fresh new sneakers is not just for weekends. Plan something fun for Monday evening and you will be looking forward to it, the whole day!