There were people to meet, food to eat, photos to take, and gin and beer to drink. That pretty much sums up the beginning of our Pre-Opening party, which was a huge success.

The Big Balmy kicked off the event with their killer burger-flippin’ skills, offering the first 50 burgers for free. After the 50, it was time to make it rain Euros. Seriously, their burgers are pretty legit. If you missed out at the event then go check them out sometime.

Meanwhile, back inside the Pop-Up Shop, the bartenders kept the Bombay Gin & Schweppes flowing and Carlsburg poppin’. Even though the confirmed guests in attendance were well over 400, we surprisingly didn’t run out of party juice, even after a shelf in cooler feel down. Talk about a mess.

After a few drinks in, the event went from showing support and networking to Hamburg’s hottest spot to be on a Thursday night. The DJ kept spinnin’, the crowd kept feelin’ it, the bottles kept breakin’, and we were lovin’ every minute of it. The event finally came to close around 24:00 as the crowd began to thin out. We have to admit that we met a lot of amazing folks we’ve never met before and had one hell of a good time. We enjoyed partying and meeting every single one of you and we appreciate all of your support as we take over the world (starting with Hamburg). And now that our store no longer looks like the Reeperbahn, we are open for business. So come by next time you need some kick-ass hair products or beard oil, or even just to say hi!

Oh yeah, almost forgot: feel free to post any photos of the party in the comment box below.