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Our mission:
Quality Men’s Care.

When we launched the Brooklyn Soap Company in 2012, natural care was still mainly a thing found in health food stores. A bit eco. A tad “whatevs”. Rather something our moms bought. But times have changed. The awareness for natural care has become more youthful, urban and yes – more masculine. We are proud to be part of this shift in mindset. Inspired by handmade grooming products at Brooklyn’s various flea markets, we continue to innovate natural, authentic grooming for men. For all men. For all skin types, all hair types, all beard types – and for every day. And of course free of microplastics, parabens, silicone, foam intensifiers, animal experiments or other bullshit. Invented in Brooklyn, made in Germany and available right where you do your shopping: at the drug store and online.

Natural Ingredients

We use natural cosmetic ingredients in all our products and do so entirely without the use of microplastics, parabens, silicone, foam intensifiers, animal experiments.

Rich Formulas

We complement our oils with ingredients such as aloe vera, cucumber or green tea and thus create rich formulas which in their variety of combinations are ideally suited for the care of skin and hair.

Maximum Compatibility

Through careful screening for premium ingredients our products are suitable for every skin and hair type and is safe to use by those with allergies.

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