A recent article published on Telegraph.com touched on the delicate topic of men’s grooming. Not just every day men’s grooming, but the type of men’s grooming that belongs to your…ummm…more sensitive parts. In this article, it turns out that manscaping isn’t such a delicate topic after all, just the parts involved. Coincidentally enough, since Brooklyn Soap Co. is in the talks of possibly designing a sleek and sexy old-school razor, we decided to brush up on the subject.

Apparently men have been offsetting the beard craze for some time now by grooming their delicates to complete baldness (shrieks in horror). Whether this is some miraculous global shift in male consciousness or a result of the porn industry’s bias toward baby-bottom smoothness, one thing is certain: companies are picking up on it, marketing and creating products specifically for the men’s grooming and manscaping movement (FYI: manscaping is like landscaping but for men’s bodies). They also said it makes you look exceptionally larger—down there—and that women even prefer it. I guess I could see why women might prefer it (imagination runs wild), but I don’t know that all men would be so welcoming to the cool breeze that makes it way through your chinos. Of course this is all gossip heard through the grapevine, but if you want a fun read or want to know where to get these special clippers, take a look at the article. And although we wouldn’t suggest using a razor such as the one we hope to offer on your personal parts, it’s still useful for shaping your beard or, if you must, removing your beard.