Photographed by Ruven Afanador. Found on

We did a little digging and came across this interesting Chicago Tribune article about a lady who supposedly needed hair-growth treatment. Unfortunately, she didn’t know, and neither did Rogaine, that applying such a product on her head would cause her to go from a balding lady to a bearded lady. This trendsetter was about decade and a half ahead of the bread trend. We think that’s pretty awesome. Too bad Brooklyn Soap wasn’t around to turn her frown upside down. We would’ve slapped some BK love on that mug with our all-natural beard wash and beard oil. Thank you bearded lady for being ahead of the curve! We salute you!

And speaking of bearded lady: Conchita Wurst was seen at the Cannes Film Festival sporting a well-groomed beard, as usual. For those folks who don’t know who this is, Conchita Wurst is the Austrian winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. Hey Conchita, Brooklyn Soap is feelin’ your super flyness. That’s all.