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There’s a battle going on out there gents, a battle waged between the beard-shunners and beard-believers. One side says “your beard’s full of crap,” the other side screams, “Nay! It’s a wondrous mane!” But while both sides seem to be throwing around a lot of shit…excuse us…poo, they’ve forgotten to mention the one thing all these bearded gents are missing. And that, my dear fellows, is a Brooklyn Soap beard care treatment. It works naturally and organically at cleaning your beard and keepin’ you super G (Q), and this is a fact that is not full of crap. So check out the links above to see what all the fuss is about. Tell us what you think! And if you happen to know such a regular dude with such an unlikely beard, send them our way for some beard wash and beard oil, because even the saddest of beards need beard care lovin‘ too.

P.S. Just in case you’re fearing the beard, we would like to give some words of wisdom: there are tons of little poo bacteria everywhere, blasting you and your loved ones in the face everyday like rockets—fact of life. Noooo…. we don’t mean folks are eating bean-y burritos and tooting everywhere (even though they are). What we mean is that the bacteria found in poo is found everywhere. This doesn’t mean this bacteria is literally poo, but that this particular type of bacteria is found in it. But hey, some guys are bitter that they can’t grow a beard so they write silly articles hating on it. Dick move, guys. Dick. Move.

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