It’s deodorant season! Not to say that every season isn’t deodorant season, but this season is particularly so. Even though it may not be hot as balls yet, let me ensure you that it will be. And when it is, there will be nothing worse than standing next to a clueless citizen who smells like the swampy, stinky heat of your favorite football team’s locker room. The struggle is real.

This is why Brooklyn Soap is beginning a campaign to save the population from this horrible affliction. We call it (drum roll) the “Buy Brooklyn Soap Deodorant” campaign. With your thoughtful purchase of our deodorant, you will rid the planet of one more foul-smelling human. Are you one of those healthy, anti-huge-corporation people who also hate animal testing? Great! We are, too! We are a small group of kickass guys that handcraft and hand-pack all of our products are CRUELTY FREE. But most importantly, our deodorant is aluminum free!

Why is this important? Well we aren’t going to freak you out by being cliché and claim that it causes cancers, but word out on the street is that does. Most deodorants, particularly antiperspirant deodorants, are made with an aluminum-based compound (scientific gibberish for: this shit contains aluminum) which acts to temporarily clog your sweat ducts. This keeps you from perspiring and prevents you from releasing toxin within your body. In turn, this makes it possible for these toxins to find they’re way into your lymph nodes, which are glands that house a type of white blood cell that fights against harmful bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, and toxins (or at least that’s what Google told us). No bueno.

Back to the happy stuff: Our fast-drying liquid spray deodorant is also formulated with flower extracts to give you a subtle fresh scent that’ll keep you feeling clean all day long. So be a gent and don’t offend the people this summer. Keep it cool. Keep it fresh. And, please wear deodorant.